The goal is to create a massive online FREE 3D multi-player game (>200 players). It would mean a lot of action, but also some team strategy. So There's a city with a number of clans, you are part of one of these clans. The Objective would be getting (stealing) "things" of the other clans. As a reward, you'll get money. With the money, you can do various things (donate to your clan, buy weapons, bribe the police, ...). You can only see who's on your clan, so if you walk down the streets, you don't know who all these persons are (bots, other clans, ...). That way, it's not always safe to just grab your gun and start shooting everything that moves.

That means, we need sponsoring for the initial server and people who are willing to contribute to this project, in return for contributing you will get added to the credit list.

This project can also serve as a stepstone for people willing to do this professionally.

As you have noticed, the story about what to do in the game is not yet complete. further more, everything on this site is not final and is open for discussion, for now you can mail suggestions to GOGITA AT USERS DOT SOURCEFORGE DOT NET (project administrator).