OrionGame will only install on GNU/Linux platforms at this point. It has been tested on several linux platforms, 32-bit and 64-bit as well. It should work on most *nix'es though, given correct requirements.

Get the source-code

Get the sourcecode at the files section


cd into the oriongame directory, and type './configure' (don't type the quotes). After doing this, type 'make' (again, don't type the qoutes).


Now, let's install the OrionGame. To do this you should be root.
Get root access by typing 'su' (yes, you are correct, don't type the qoutes). Make sure to type your root passwd if needed :) . Now simply install it by issueing the command 'make install' (you problably know what not to do by now).


Now simply type 'oriongame' (... fill in yourself ...). If everything went correct you should see something.

That's it. (as you may have noticed, this page was copied from the Howto install OrionEngine :))